Riley Murphy

Narrative Design - Game Writing 

 Creator of Worlds



The annual dance is coming up! Can you find a date before the big day?

Romance monsters! Make friends! Find out the secrets behind Kaiju! I'm the primary writer on this game of Monstrous Proportions.

More coming soon!

Things I've Created

Where You Belong

A small game about a small gecko. I created everything for this game in Bitsy.

Life Stuck in Rewind

What happens when your daily routine becomes your worst nightmare? Screenplay for a short film.

And, the final product!

Lack of Space

What choices truly matter?

I did all the writing and programming for this fun little Twine game about choices.

Little Talks

Siblings Navi and Wyn visit their old house to try and reconnect, stirring up old emotions in the process. Short chapter for an ongoing fantasy novel.


Received 2nd Place in Mini Jam 22

Help Pepper and her friends drive the slimes away! I did the intro comic dialogue and shop UI text.